Snuggle time with Oma.

Euwing settles in for his newest story

The Lion in Our Living Room by Emma Middleton – Illustrated by Briony Stewart

Published by Affirm Press

There are some children’s picture books that, when you hold them in your hands, fill you with great promise, and this is one that delivered its promise.

From the moment I snuggled with my 17 month old grandson and he settled, ready to hear this story, I could tell the book’s cover had captivated his attention. Once I began to share the story with him, he was entranced.

The book cover is a classic illustration with real vintage tones. When I first saw the cover design, I immediately loved it. Illustrator Briony Stewart used coloured pencils to achieve her gorgeous illustrations and show the softness and texture of each picture. There are many hidden images on each page and my grandson particularly enjoyed pointing out the hints of lions on the pages, including the shadows. As someone who loves to work with children and create art, I loved the inside cover pages that were splashed with art emojis; illustrations that give insight and hints at what might happen in the story.

Author, Emma Middleton’s use of natural rhythmical and rhyming text is an absolute delight to hear and begs to be read aloud. The text is light, witty and playful. It charms, captivates and entices young readers, ‘Will he come? Won’t he come? Will he come and play?’ It teases, beckons and leads the reader on a gentle story about a beautiful relationship between a father and his children, Tilly and Tom.

I highly recommend this Children’s Picture Book for younger children. This is a book that provides an opportunity to open up discussions about dads and their kids, and it also could be used as a springboard into some fun arts and crafts, songs and games. This book gives its readers a LION’S SHARE OF HEART AND LOVE.
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Welcome to the new ‘kid/kid’s book’ in our living room …

Author Emma Middleton is rushed off her feet, for the moment. She is busy attending her debut children’s picture book launch and children’s workshops; all part of the process of making a picture book. There are some authors out there who consider writing the book the ‘easy’ part. Now the footwork begins with marketing and sharing the news about a beautifully created new Children’s Picture Book that’s hit the bookstores.

I recently had the privilege to attend Emma’s book launch at our local bookstore, The River Read Bookstore & Cafe, in Noosaville, where lots of roars and a flurry of crayons and streaming lions’ manes were the order of the day. Emma’s presentation captivated and engaged the children from beginning to end. She delivered an experience, not just a reading. The children buzzed with excitement, interacted, created and giggled. Oh, and there were some pretty yummy lion cupcakes and gluten free lion cookies to add to the mix. Below are some pictures I took at this recent event.

Emma’s jammed packed book launch included a reading of her debut picture book, The Lion in Our Living Room, followed by guessing games, and sounds & action games

There was fancy lion mask making crafts …

and … puppetry too!

Along with some songs,

sung to a ukelele

for me and for you …

Video Credit: Debbie Smith

When authors are launching their debut picture books, it’s much more fun with a cheer squad of fellow writing mates!

Debbie Smith (left) Jacqui Halpin (right)

Thanks must go to Lucinda & Natalie of The River Read Bookstore & Cafe of Noosaville for hosting Emma’s fabulous book launch of

The Lion in Our Living Room.

Pictured: Lucinda with Emma.

Congratulations Emma on a wonderful new adventure.

Shadytree Books & Deb wishes you every success in the world.

Stay tuned because …

there’s word on the street that Emma’s follow up story

The Bear in Our Backyard is  …

~   coming soon   ~

in time for Mothers’ Day 2018