To find out if the Shadytree Books children’s creative writing workshops would suit you, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do you have a scintillating imagination?
  2. Do you love making up stories? Reading stories?
  3. Do you love inventing interesting characters?
  4. Are you curious?
  5. Do you love playing games; writing games?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then there’s a chance you’d like the creative writing program offered by Shadytree Books.

Here are some more questions to ask yourself, if you’re still wondering:

  1. Do you enjoy working in small groups where a writing coach would do their very best to answer your questions and give your writing LOTS of attention?
  2. Do you want to improve your writing so it sparkles in a way that CAPTIVATES your audience?
  3. Would you like to cultivate confidence and share your writing with other like-minded young writers; and get some constructive feedback from the group, including your coach?
  4. Do you want to learn some great tips to help your writing soar and impress your family and teachers?
  5. Would you like to learn to write other styles of creative writing like poetry, short stories and chapter books?

If you answered yes to some or all of these questions then there’s a strong chance you would enjoy the creative writing programs offered by Shadytree Books.

But just in case you still need convincing:

  1. Do you enjoy being outdoors? Can you picture yourself taking short walks in a very beautiful and peaceful place to gather your ideas and inspiration for your writing?
  2. Do you like mixing things up and trying different things?
  3. Are you willing to put effort and commitment into your writing projects?
  4. Would you love to come along and meet your writing coach and make a start and dive into some fun writing activities and maybe some competitions, if you like that sort of thing?
  5. Do you LOVE having FUN?

If you answered yes to most or all of these questions, then the writing coach at Shadytree Books would love to hear from you. If you answered yes to some of these questions, but you felt a little scared about some of them, then the writing coach would love to hear from you also. Let us help you tame your fears.

Shadytree Books children’s writing workshops are designed to introduce children to the wonderful world of fictional writing and to develop confidence in both their writing and themselves. Some children write but are nervous in allowing others to hear their work. At Shadytree Books we pride ourselves in providing a safe and nurturing space for all children to participate and grow both in their writing and to develop confidence in their abilities.