Surprising as it may be, my grandson, Euwing, asks to hear, The Bear in our Backyard, more often, and slightly pipping out, The Lion in our Living Room, by a nose. I am not surprised he chooses either of these current favourites, but I thought Lion would be the ultimate winner.


But, Emma Middleton and Briony Stewart have done it again!

The Bear in our Backyard is a companion book for The Lion in our Living Room and both celebrate family, especially honouring the importance of fathers and mothers and the things they do to make us all feel loved and special.

The video below shows how one daddy, my SIL (son-in-law) shares reading with Euwing, my GS (grandson), who is two years old. Don’t you just love how this bear roars!

I highly recommend this picture book. It’s suitable for children aged 2-6 years. Euwing is 2 loves both these books, especially the shadowy illustrations. He combs the pages searching for subtle breadcrumbs of clues and is delighted when he makes the connections.


So, gather around the fireplace, or snuggle up in bed,
this is another book I know that simply must be read!




Book Details:

Title: The Bear in Our Backyard
Author: Emma Middleton
Illustrator: Briony Stewart
Publisher: Affirm Press, $24.99
Publication Date: 27 March 2018
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781925584806
For ages: 2-6
Type: Picture Book

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