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2018 StoryLinks Short Story Competition Winner

Breaking News How many of you, as writers, take time out from your busy and creative work to enter competitions? It's been a little while since I have. But, I'm so glad I

November 26th, 2018|Competitions, Creative Writing, The Creative Life|

Back to School – Term 4

Are you aware that returning to school after Term 1 or Term 2, or even Term 3 can be more daunting, for some students, than starting a new school year? It’s true for many reasons, but that first

October 7th, 2018|The Creative Life, Tutoring|

Special Announcement

A very important man, Dr Luther King once said, I have a dream! His dream was for mankind.   I have many dreams, but one important dream of mine is to share my passion and love

Poetry Memorisation – The Spoken Word – Part 1

It's only natural that being a teacher and a parent over the past 30 + years exposed me to many different life and teaching experiences. Today I am going to share my thoughts about something I strongly believe

January 14th, 2018|Creative Writing, Poetry Memorisation, The Creative Life, Tutoring|

Creative Art Workshops for Children

To find out if the Shadytree Books creative children’s art workshops would suit you, ask yourself the following questions: Do you have a scintillating imagination? Do you love dabbling in paints and getting your hands messy? Do you

January 12th, 2018|All Things Arty, The Creative Life|

Children’s Creative Writing Workshops

To find out if the Shadytree Books children’s creative writing workshops would suit you, ask yourself the following questions: Do you have a scintillating imagination? Do you love making up stories? Reading stories? Do you love

January 12th, 2018|Creative Writing, The Creative Life|

~ 01. Making a Change for the Better – Journal Entry

~ Looking to the Future ~ The post below is something I wrote about two years ago and it was posted to a different blogroll I used to journal on. Reading through it today, I decided I wanted

September 12th, 2017|Creative Writing, Journal, The Creative Life|

Voices on the Coast: 20-21 July 2017 as a Volunteer

Recently, I volunteered at the 2017 VOICES on the COAST Youth Literature Festival presented by Immanuel Lutheran College. This is a Sunshine Coast Literary event. What a great time I had! Seeing it was my first ever visit

July 31st, 2017|Creative Writing, The Creative Life|

Elephants & Seashells

Today I asked the question: What do elephants and seashells have in common? For me, it's submission day today for manuscripts to be uploaded to our editor appointments for the 2017 CYA Conference. The deadline is really tomorrow, but

June 6th, 2017|The Creative Life|