What drawing, art & being a creative means to me

From my earliest memories of simply colouring in and getting to chose exquisite colours to cover the white page was quite addictive and LOADS of FUN!

As I grew older and learnt to sketch my own outlines and drawings, I experimented filling in the white background space using different mediums. I discovered lots of wonderful and interesting effects and results. I’ve always loved colour; vibrant delicious colour, soft pastels, and the translucence of light watercolours allow in my art. Designing and planning is something I enjoy as well. I can remember when I was first introduced to technical drawing in Yr 7 at Alice Springs High School, it gave me such a buzz. I’ve never really specialised or become a master at any specific niche in art. I simply love to create, have fun and see what happens. Playing with art and creating ‘master pieces’ is freeing and relaxing. It is part of my DNA. I simply like to do. That is why I continue to play and dabble and create.

My art ‘play’ is for pure enjoyment and something I enjoy sharing. I am not an expert and have never wanted to be. The best bit about creating art is if you make a ‘mistake’ most of the time you can turn assimilate it into your creation and no one needs to know. It’s your little secret.

I majored in art when I studied to be a teacher at Kurring-gai College of Advanced Education in Sydney. Each weekend I would catch a train into the city and stroll around all the little art galleries, the bigger art galleries and take photos of all the wonderful sculptures around the city streets. I have very fond memories of simply using my senses, my eyes and my touch, and just be in the moment. This is particularly interesting to do because Sydney is such a fast paced city and I was able to make a way to slow down and simply enjoy; most weekends. I looked forward to my excursions and they taught me a lot of things about myself. Indulging and playing in art teaches us a lot about ourselves, if you stop to take notice.

I’m in awe of the talent out there in the world of illustrators. And now, there are so many different ways to create illustrations other than the good, old fashioned messy methods, it’s mind boggling. I must admit I have had a go at drawing digitally and it was fun to try. But for me, part of the whole experience is the thrill of unpacking the paints and setting up all the gear, fetching clean water and smelling the raw arty smell the paints and mediums produce. I still get a kick out of getting my hands and everything else, messy. I love that at the end of my project, I look like I did it! Part of the whole process of art is the messy bit. Well, that’s what I like, anyway.

When I facilitate and teach young students the fundamentals of art and allow them time to experiment for themselves, I enjoy listening to their hum, their chat, their ah ha moments, even at pack up time. I love the tinkling clink, clink sound of brushes being tapped on the side of glass water containers, the oohs and aahs as budding artists approve of something they’ve added or someone else has added.

Other forms of creating I enjoy doing include: craft, making stuff, sewing, quilting. Making something out of nothing is hugely rewarding. Creating something for no other purpose other that because of the joy and love it brings is truly inspiring. Having a go involves risk taking and is a freeing up activity to help us overcome fear and insecurities. Learning to share and let go are also skills dabbling in art allows us.

There are many more skilled and awesome creatives out there, but the good news is, there’s always room for you, and I. So, what’s stopping you? Take a break from routine and get down and get messy.

I hope you enjoy some of my creations.

Keep on creating,