Why do I need to edit or proofread my work before submitting it?

Writing you plan on submitting to publishers, a competition panel, or to your University lecturers, needs to be polished until it shines. The competition is fierce and you have your reputation at stake. If you want to be taken seriously, it’s important to check everything in order to submit work of outstanding quality.

Why can’t I proofread my own work?

You can proofread your own work, and you should. However, it is a well known fact that, once having read over your work several times, your eyes become acquainted with what they have read previously and tend to pass over errors that are present in your writing. The writer, who has rewritten their work several times, will read over their final draft with fatigued eyes and usually read what they believe is written, and not what is actually there.

An extra set of fresh and experienced eyes can usually find these errors and help the author to correct them. These corrections can range from simple grammatical or spelling errors or word/sentence order problems to major structural editing. Whatever the case, it’s important you find these errors before sending your manuscript off to a publisher you’re hoping to secure a book deal with.

Can you guarantee I will receive a perfect document after it’s been proofread?

Only humans work at the Creative Studio and whilst we’d like to think we are perfect, unfortunately, we are not. Realistically, nobody can guarantee perfection and be wary of those who boast they do.

The style, formatting and correctness of any final draft ultimately lie with the author of the document. It is the author who inevitably must sign off on a final draft before publication.

Having said that, the Creative Studio do work to our utmost to provide our clients with a high standard of quality work and pledge to work as close to perfection as is humanly possible.

Will editing or proofreading my manuscript ensure my work gets accepted?

There are never any guarantees that your manuscript will get accepted, even after a thorough edit and proofread. Even working alongside a mentor who happens to be a published author offers no guarantees.

It must be remembered that all writing is subjective and what pleases one publisher or lecturer, may not please another. Each person who reads your work will have their own opinions and tastes and publishers are no different. Sometimes publishers love what you have written, however, they may already have another manuscript contracted to publish and can’t accept two similar works. Another reason might be that what you have written is not what certain publishers are looking for at this time. Never be disheartened by this. Keep sending your work to different publishers, because you never know, your work may be just what a particular publisher has been looking for.

So, unfortunately, there are no guarantees, however, the Creative Studio can help you achieve a high standard of presentation with your manuscript.

Be very wary of any editorial service that offers you guaranteed acceptance.

How should I format my document or manuscript when submitting to the Creative Studio?

Please format your manuscript in the standard form that you would submit to the publisher. It is wise to research this information thoroughly. Most publishers are very similar in their expectations, but to be sure and certain, check.

I have provided a link to William Shunn’s website where he provides a detailed standard formatted document (http://www.shunn.net/format/story.html)