Children’s Creative Workshops

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Shadytree Books provides an affordable and alternative after-school and school holiday program for students interested in creative writing and art. Our focus is on quality children’s literature and the important role it plays in our culture to springboard into a multitude of art and creative writing activities.

Shadytree Books is passionate about books, creative writing, art and especially children. It is our vision to ignite and foster a passion in youngsters to read and value books, write creatively and explore the arts.

Our Creative Workshops

Creative Art

Creative art workshops

Shadytree Books creative children’s art workshops are designed to introduce children to the exciting world of art and extend and explore its richness and vibrancy. The program’s steps are designed to develop confidence in both executing a variety of techniques and sharing the end creation with others. Our program includes closer snapshots of children’s literature and the relationship between words and illustrations. We also make use of our beautiful location to explore outdoors and observe nature in action and learn about texture and patterns. We sometimes use mindfulness activities to encourage all our senses to awaken and take notice of the amazing world around us.

Creative Writing

Children's Creative Writing Workshops

Shadytree Books children’s writing workshops are designed to introduce children to the wonderful world of fictional writing and to develop confidence in both their writing and themselves. Some children write but are nervous in allowing others to hear their work. At Shadytree Books we pride ourselves in providing a safe and nurturing space for all children to participate and grow both in their writing and to develop confidence in their abilities.

Our Workshops In Action

In a relaxed setting we offer extra time for students to explore and develop their interests and build skills and confidence through their participation in small group activities.

Children’s Testimonials

I really liked going for walks in the bush to explore different parts of the garden. We stopped for breaks to do sound mapping where we sat and listened to the different sounds from the bush. We discovered it is a very noisy place full of birds, crickets, cicadas and frogs. I love story writing and coming to this workshop meant I was able to do some story writing and use my imagination. The art activities were really cool too. We did some paint blowing, silhouette cityscapes and free drawing. I think more kids should come to these workshops because it’s awesome … and you’re a great teacher.

Tara – aged 7

I think more kids should come here because the teacher, Debbie, is kind and we did really fun things. I really liked paint blowing

Nevaeh – aged 8

I am from Brisbane and I am visiting Noosa on holidays. Part of my holiday was to attend this creative writing and art workshop. My favourite part of today’s workshop was writing a story. I really like to do free drawing and we did some of that too, but I would have loved to do more free drawing if there had been more time. I can recommend this workshop to others because you get to learn new things and you go on walks to observe and listen.

Sophie – aged 8

The art was really fun and educational too. We got to do a paint wash, and over crayon, then blow paint to look like fireworks. Using black cardboard we cut out the silhouette of a cityscape. We topped it off by adding some glitter and everyone was really happy with the results. This taught us about layering and adding to our art in stages.

Cooper – aged 10

I think kids would enjoy coming to these workshops. I know I did. They are fun. You get to learn how to do interesting and cool art and writing.

Darcie – aged 8

I really enjoyed making the fireworks art.

Grace – aged 9

Workshop Teacher | Debbie Smith

Teaching children is a passion and a calling and for Debbie, our Creative Coach and Director. As a teacher, Debbie has taught in both State and Independent schools. Her experience includes teaching children with special needs as well as children displaying gifted and talented tendencies. Her teaching methods are foundational and methodical so children learn the basic building blocks toward their craft and develop an understanding of process.  When students have the basics in place they are free to explore techniques and unleash their creativity. Debbie is a nurturer and an encourager to her students and she champions them to strive to reach the goals they set for themselves.

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Workshop Location

In a relaxed setting we will offer extra time for students to explore and develop their interests and build skills and confidence through their participation in small group activities. Shadytree Books is set on a beautiful two and a half acre block rich in trees and nature in Cooroibah, 15 minute drive from Hastings Street, Noosa.  We are surrounded by shady trees and close to sandy beaches. Shadytree Books offers students who come to learn and experiment a safe, secure and happy environment to draw inspiration from nature and create. The property is fully fenced.

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Expressions of Interest

We are currently adding workshops to our program. As an expression of interest, add your child to our waitlist to be advised of upcoming workshops.

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